God’s finishing what He started. Some things are coming FULL CIRCLE in your life. Prepare for a complete & TOTAL BREAKTHROUGH!" (Posted August 17, 2017)  


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In I Am Number 8, Lakewood Church Pastor John Gray encourages those who feel overlooked and undervalued to know they are not forgotten by God.

Are life's detours slowing you down? Walk with Dr. Tony Evans through the life of Joseph and discover why and how God uses these unpredictable byways to bring about his blessing and reveal his plan for you. 

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Cup of Inspiration: Clarity is coming

Life may feel like a big ball of confusion right now. Nothing makes sense. You're wondering, God, what are You doing? He's up to something!

If you're feeling discouraged because your world feels upside down and you need answers, this cup of inspiration from Dianna Hobbs will encourage you as you wait for God to bring things together for you.

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Podcast: Feeling forgotten ? Listen to this.

The uncertainty of life, seasons of failure and valley experiences can sometimes make you doubt that God even sees you going through.

But in today’s powerful podcast, Dianna Hobbs helps YOU remember that HE remembers, and already knows the set time of your release. Listen and be encouraged!

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All black people aren’t made at President Donald Trump’s remarks about Charlottesville

When President Donald Trump condemned “both sides”—meaning far-right and far-left leaning protestors—in the Charlottesville tragedy, there was an overwhelming outcry against his commentary among African-Americans.

But black people aren’t a monolith and some aren’t upset. In fact, there is a contingent of folks that agree with the GOP leader, like Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union.

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Devotional: God sees, knows & has a plan!

God sees you. He knows who you are, what you’re going through and what He has planned for you. It's amazing, too!

In today's cup of inspiration, Dianna Hobbs assures you that God has some awesome things on the way just for you. Anticipate blessings. They're coming!

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Sad News: Late Natalie Cole’s son Robert Yancy, 39, who called his mother his ‘rock’ has died

Multiple media outlets are confirming that Robert Yancy, son of the late legendary singer Natalie Cole, has passed away. He was only 39.

Initial reports say he was found dead Monday night at his San Fernando Valley apartment. Family members say they were notified at 2:30 AM Tuesday that Robert, affectionately known as Robbie, had died of a heart attack.

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Confirmed: Christian actress Priscilla Shirer, Dennis Quaid, Cloris Leachman to star in faith-based film ‘I Can Only Imagine' 

Priscilla Shirer fans, get excited!

You’re about to see one of your favorite Bible teachers and actresses on the big screen starring alongside Dennis Quaid and Cloris Leachman in a true-life faith-based movie, I Can Only Imagine, hitting North American theaters March 16, 2018.

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Podcast: The GREATER ONE fights for you [LISTEN]

It doesn't look or feel like it, but the Greater One, who is the Greatest One of all, Jesus Christ, is fighting for you. You're winning, though it may seem outwardly like you're losing.

In today's podcast, Dianna Hobbs delivers an anointed and inspiring word to remind you that you are victorious through Him. Listen and be blessed.

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Need patience to wait for the promise? Read this.

Prayer changes things, or so we’ve been told. But that saying becomes difficult to believe when we pray, and nothing seems to be happening.

We cry out to God, but receive no sure response. We bring our problems to Him, but see no change in our circumstances.

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WATCH: Tina Campbell drops visually stunning new video for latest single ‘Too Hard Not Too’ 

The visuals are stunning, just as the song is.

The Derek Blanks-shot visual interpretation of “Too Hard Not To,” the newest single from GRAMMY® Award-winner Tina Campbell is here and EEW Magazine has it for your viewing pleasure.

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Racism is sin: Alveda King discusses Charlottesville, what Dr. King would say & President Trump’s statement

After a man rammed his car into a crowd of people at a white supremacist rally in Virginia, killing one and injuring nineteen, Americans are left stunned over the open display of hatred.

Christian activist Alveda King, niece of the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is weighing in on the tragedy and calling racism, “sin.”

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Be still and know that I am God: Do you know the REAL meaning of that Scripture?

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

You may be familiar with this verse found in Psalm 46:10 NIV because it is one of the more popular scriptures in the Bible. But do you know what it means? Do you know what situations to apply it to?

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Had it up to here with troubles? Read these 3 emergency verses to help you

Had it up to here with the troubles and issues of life? Feeling like snapping and breaking down? Life can make you feel like you're losing it some days, but it won't break you.

Things seems to be spinning out of control. You have deadlines to meet, but no time to make them; a family to care for, but only pocket change to feed them with; a million questions on how you’re going to do it all, but no clear answers.

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